Date: 21st March 2013
Time: UK 10:00 AM | IN 3:30 PM | AUS 9:00 PM

Maven based build pipelines are fairly common. Chef based deployment pipelines are also gaining traction. In this talk, Sriram will demonstrate how to design and connect the two using Go. Along the way he'll explain why not to use maven-snaphosts, how to make Chef talk to Nexus and provide several tips on Go usage. The resulting end-to-end automated build and deployment pipeline will provide overarching visibility, traceability, orchestration and access control for the entire continuous delivery value stream.

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Go WebinarSriram - IT Principal with ThoughtWorks
Sriram is an IT Principal with ThoughtWorks. He is based in Bangalore and is part of the Go team. He is currently the owner of features related to deployment. He also has extensive consulting experience in roles such as developer, architect, agile coach, iteration manager and organization development coach. His talks and writing are available via  

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Webinar: End to End Automated Build and Deployment Pipeline with Maven, Chef, and Go