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Kent Beck on Explore, Expand and Extract (3X)

Thursday, October 5th at 6pm

San Francisco, CA

Product development proceeds in three phases:

Explore – the risky search for a viable return on a viable investment through experimentation. If you’re lucky, one of your many experiments turns out to be unexpectedly successful, which leads to:

Expand – now things are going nuts (think Pokemon Go or Facebook Live Video). Now, all you have time for is to eliminate the next bottleneck just before it derails you. Once growth becomes routine, it’s time to:

Extract – now the shape of the problem and solution spaces are clear. One euro in equals three euros out. Playbooks emerge, economies of scale matter: delivering the service at lower cost is more profitable.

While that is 3X in a nutshell, it has many more layers that can challenge how we perceive models of software and product development.

In this workshop you'll go on a journey with Kent to challenge your thinking, and his, on product development, software development and more — with 3X.

ThoughtWorks San Francisco
814 Mission Street
5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103


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Kent Beck

Kent BeckKent Beck is a programmer at Facebook, where he coaches, researches software engineering, and works on infrastructure projects. He is also the founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI). His contributions to software development include patterns for software, the rediscovery of test-first programming, xUnit, and Extreme Programming. He authored multiple books, including TDD by Example and Extreme Programming Explained.