July 11th | Hamburg
July 13th | Manchester

Historischer Speicherboden
Kehrwieder 2-3, Block D, 20457 Hamburg

The Hive
51 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN

A conference ALL about technology.

XConf is a one-day conference that showcases the latest thinking from ThoughtWorks and friends on a broad range of technology topics. XConf provides a platform for passionate technologists in Hamburg and Manchester who are looking for inspiration and a chance to network with their peers. 

  • 9.00 am - Registration and Welcome
  • 9.45 am - Start with Keynote, followed by 2 tracks during the day
  • All attendees, speakers and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct


    Erik Dörnenburg

    Developer and Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks

    All Roads Lead to DevOps

    Today it is hard to imagine that fifteen years ago agile development was a niche approach, considered too radical to be used in the mainstream. Similarly, when the DevOps movement started about five years ago only a small number of innovative organisations took note. They quickly gained competitive advantages, which then led to more and more interest in the movement.

    Erik will talk about experiences organisations have made with DevOps. He will discuss processes, tools, and organisational structures that led to the successful merging of development and operations capabilities, and he will describe how DevOps fits with other trends such as Microservices and Public Clouds. All of this forms a picture that allows only one conclusion: sooner or later all successful organisations will move to a DevOps model.

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    The Conference will split into 2 tracks, Orange and Blue.

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    Close & Networking


    Bamdad Dashtban

    Lead Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

    Serverless Architecture for an IoT solution

    Serverless architecture can be applied to any domain. This talk will share his experience building a Serverless architecture for an Internet of Things platform scalable for millions of connected devices.

    Pinar Wennerberg

    Senior Consultant Project Manager at ThoughtWorks

    Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP): It is All in the Intent

    This talk introduces you to the world of Natural Language Processing (NLP) within the context of AI. It describes some of the technical challenges of the field, the role of machine learning and suggests some open source NLP libraries that can be used to address those challenges.

    Niko Hellwig & Sebastian Thiel

    Senior Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks & Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

    Cassandra driver in Rust

    This talk proudly presents a Cassandra driver written in Rust, leveraging the Tokio ecosystem to its fullest. With a safety-and-test-first approach we meet highest demands in quality, and thanks to streaming support and zero-copy we do work only when required, bringing highest efficiency.

    Arif Wider & Christian Deger

    Senior Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks & Chief Architect at AutoScout24

    Data Science, Delivered Continuously

    AutoScout24 is the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide for new and used cars. With more than 2.4 million listings across Europe, AutoScout24 has access to large amounts of data about historic and current market prices and wants to use this data to empower its users to make informed decisions about selling and buying cars. We created a live price estimation service for used vehicles based on a Random Forest prediction model that is continuously delivered to the end user.

    Maria Gomez

    Lead Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks

    Observable Microservices

    Think of this talk as a Microservices 201. You know the basics of microservices and their pros and cons, but can you successfully maintain them in production?

    James Linnegar

    Senior Consultant UI Developer at ThoughtWorks

    Evolutionary Interfaces - Exploring from Voice to VR

    Emerging interfaces are allowing us to interact with our surroundings, and our customers, in new and exciting ways. This talk explores the possibilities of Voice, VR and AR, as well as ways of discovering emerging trends and using them to inform the design decisions we make today.

    Kief Morris

    Principal Cloud Technologist at ThoughtWorks

    Infrastructure Design Patterns

    Many of us adopted automation tools to help us manage the continuously shifting sprawl that our infrastructure has become, thanks to virtualization and the cloud. But we've moved beyond using tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible to install and configure what's on our servers, to using tools like Terraform and CloudFormation to orchestrate larger swathes of infrastructure.

    As more of our infrastructure is managed by code, our infrastructure codebase grows, as does the number of different teams using it and working on it.

    As an industry we're still new at this, so we're still discovering effective way to design and structure our infrastructure. This talk will explore some of the challenges and approaches to structuring environments. The goals are to ensure that multiple people and teams can understand and change infrastructure rapidly, reliably, and safely.

    David Anderson

    User Education at data Artisans

    Beyond Analytics: Stream Processing Enters the Mainstream

    Stream processing was born out of a desire for real-time analytics. But modern stream processors, like Apache Flink, have progressed to the point where it is now practical and interesting to use them for building event-driven applications and services.

    This talk will provide an introduction to Apache Flink, showing what it's like to build applications on a platform that's based on data streams, state, and snapshots. Flink manages an application's code and associated state together as a set of tightly integrated, scalable units, in contrast to the layering that separates computation from storage in traditional systems. This approach to building event-driven applications has many desirable properties, including its simplicity, robustness, and its ability to provide high throughput event processing with low latency. 

    Dmytri Kleiner

    Solutions Architect at Contentful

    CMS as Code: Content Management in the Cloud Age

    Content Management Systems are often difficult to integrate for organizations that are employing continuous delivery and building microservices oriented architectures. This almost always leads to conflicts between editorial/marketing teams and developers and architects.

    This talk will help you bring peace and productivity and will help you not hate your CMS, while keeping your content future-proof and supporting the ever-increasing variety of the devices on the market.