XConf Unplugged 

Observable Microservices & Systems Thinking for Building Self Organising Teams

Wednesday January 24th from 6.30PM

Join ThoughtWorks Barcelona for the first event in our EU XConf Unplugged Series

24th January doors from 6.30pm

Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

XConf Unplugged is a community for technologists. We'll keep you plugged in and up-to date with breaking technology changes, updates and news. This event is the first in the series.

The Talks:

Observable Microservices | By Maria Gomez

Think of this talk as Microservices 201. You know microservices basics, their pros and cons and have even started putting them in production, but haven't spent much time thinking about how to maintain them. Maria will explore the most important operational concerns for maintaining microservices and explains why observability helps you maintain a healthy production enviroment.

Systems Thinking for Building Self-Organising Teams | By Johny Urgiles

Managing complex systems is becoming a core requirement for modern business. At the heart of fast-paced companies are self-organising teams, a cornerstone of agile. As customer demands become increasingly complex, the need for self organisation is fundamental to the success of products and businesses. As part of this talk, we'll explore 'the team" through the view of complex systems and understand the evolution of modern self-organising teams from their humble origins in coal mines up to their contemporary role in complex software delivery. We'll also cover practical techniques in starting and fostering self-organised teams which are ready to adapt and grow with challenges of your business.




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Systems Thinking for Building Self-Organising Teams


Observable Microservices 


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Maria Gomez

Market Tech Principal 
Maria is the Market Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks in Spain. She's been a software developer and an architect for over 9 years.

Johny Urgilés

Team Lead 
Johny is team lead at Thoughtworks and co-founder of The Lab for Robotics Education. As a pastime, he learns 'old' technologies that will one day be cool again.