Join us for XConf Unplugged: Madrid

Talk 1: Avoiding traps on your path to Microservices, by Maria Gomez & Dan Lockman

Talk 2: Systems Thinking for Building Self-Organising Teams, by Johny Urgiles

XConf Unplugged is a community for technologists. We'll keep you plugged in and up-to date with breaking technology changes, updates and news. This event is the second in the series!

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Event Details

ThoughtWorks Madrid

Espacio Mood Malasaña (Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 8, 28004 Madrid
Doors open from 6.30pm, Feb. 13th 2018

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Talk 1: Avoiding trap on your path to Microservices, by Maria Gomez & Dan Lockman

Microservices have taken the software industry by storm, and it seems as if every organization has at least considered them as a way to move their architecture forward. However there is no guarantee that this new microservices architecture will be any easier to work with than the old monolith, especially if implemented without proper organizational maturity or careful follow-through. Daniel and Maria will be shedding light on various traps that your organization can easily fall into while trying to move from a monolith towards microservices, along with advice on how to avoid these traps.


Talk 2: Systems Thinking for Building Self-Organising Teams, by Johny Urgiles

Managing complex systems is becoming a core requirement for modern business. At the heart of fast-paced companies are self-organizing teams, a cornerstone of Agile. As customer demands become increasingly complex, the need for self-organization is fundamental to the success of products and businesses. As part of this talk, we'll explore 'the team' through the view of complex systems and understand the evolution of modern self-organizing teams from their humble origins in coal mines up to their contemporary role in complex software delivery. We’ll also cover practical techniques in starting and fostering self-organized teams which are ready to adapt and grow with the challenges of your business. 


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About the Speakers

Maria Gomez

Market Tech Principal, ThoughtWorks
Maria is the Market Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks in Spain. She's been a software developer and an architect for over 9 years.

 Johny Urgilés

Team Lead, ThoughtWorks
Johny is team lead at Thoughtworks and co-founder of The Lab for Robotics Education. As a pastime, he learns 'old' technologies that will one day be cool again.

Dan Lockman

Developer at ThoughtWorks
Dan is a developer at ThoughtWorks. Daniel has spent the last five years honing his craft with a variety of development experiences, creating products internally as part of an IT organization, coaching, pairing with, and leading teams, and writing software for different enterprise clients.