Thoughtworks for Graduates

ThoughtWorks offices all over the world hire and support passionate entry-level consultants. Graduates can take training courses, or develop their skills as a consultant in guided programs that aim for continuous learning and support in a safe-to-fail environment.

ThoughtWorks University

A core part of your experience as an entry-level consultant in any of our global offices is spending five weeks at ThoughtWorks University in India, with ThoughtWorkers from all over the world, discovering the values, practices and principles that have made ThoughtWorks successful. TWU is an intensive, hands-on experience, where you’ll learn how to build working software from week one. By the end of the program, you'll have real experience and a global community of support.

Here are some of our formal programs for graduates. While not every region has a structured program, we hire entry-level consultants in every office. If you don't see something applicable to you listed here, check out our Careers for entry-level positions, or our Events to see if there are any workshops coming up in your area.

The Associate Consultant Program

North America
The Associate Consultant Program is a 24-month program for recent graduates and those new to the software industry in the US and Canada. You'll get to work on client projects right away, but with the support of regular learning sessions, mentorship, and your peers. Learn More »


STEP is a two-year intensive entry-level programme which follows a unique “work while you study” methodology that offers you the chance to learn theory and apply it while you work. As a STEP intern, you’ll do this work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry and learn from accomplished faculty from academia. Learn More »


LevelUp is a series of classes, workshops and conferences for students who want to add to their classroom learning with real-world experience. Topics range from test-driven development, continuous delivery and pair programming to Agile project management, business analysis and how employers hire grads. Learn More »

Graduate Jobs

"The most unique thing about ThoughtWorks is the ThoughtWorkers themselves. Everyone is extremely passionate about life, passionate about social responsibility, passionate about software excellence!"

— Jashaad Gaines, AC Developer