Lean Product Innovation

Monday 9 May - 7pm

The HUB, 128 Prinsep Street

Lean Approaches to Digital Products

Come along to an informative night with ThoughtWorks global design leaders and hear about continuous design practices, their lean experiments and the evolution of their digital products.

The design of digital products that customers love can be fraught with failure and disappointment. Customers expect a perfect experience first time, and have little patience for learning new systems. Taking a lean approach to product innovation can reduce some of the risk of product failure. It begins with validating your ideas early, before you’ve invested too much in your product.

ThoughtWorks product design practice is founded in historic engineering capabilities and agile delivery methods. ThoughtWorks’ approach to product innovation involves small teams of product designers and technologists, working collaboratively to learn from experiments and evolve digital products using data and analytics.

DATE: Monday 9 May,

TIME: 7pm

VENUE: The Hub, 128 Prinsep Street, 188655, SG

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Chad Wathington

Managing Director
Thoughtworks Studios
San Francisco

Chad ensures that ThoughtWorks Studios designs, builds, and delivers pioneering software development tools. Throughout his career, he has played many roles on software teams, from project and product management to QA and design. This experience drives his passion for great tools that help teams reach their goals. Chad joined ThoughtWorks in 2004, after a stint in strategic consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Two years later, he co-founded the Studios division. Chad received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University.


Jonny Schneider

Product Strategy and Design

Jonny creates digital products and services that balance business outcomes with customer needs. He’s an experienced in product design, product strategy, customer research and software delivery. Jonny helps companies create great products by bringing a pragmatic, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to customer development. He consults globally with companies in financial services, air travel, retail, telecommunication, education, government, science and research, and human welfare.

Kate Linton

Head of Design

Kate is a digital designer with over 20 years of experience in visual communications, interaction design, user experience, prototyping, branding, information architecture, customer research, and user testing. She uses lean and continuous design methods to create experiences that customers can use with ease. She works collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams and provides coaching and mentoring on design thinking and collaborative design practice. She has lead product design teams at Vodafone and designed digital experiences for brands like Domino's and Standard Chartered Bank.


Diana Adorno

Experience Designer & Researcher

Diana is a designer, researcher and strategist who works with digital products with an Agile and Lean approach. She continually experiments with different aspects of the design process to reveal intuitive, feasible designs as well as the transformation for people and organisations.


Natalie Hollier

Product Strategy & Design
New York

Natalie is a Lead Product Design and Strategy consultant for ThoughtWorks New York, where she helps organizations from startups to large enterprises implement lean and agile product development practices. Previously she was the VP of User Experience at Validately, a tool for fast and easy customer feedback and testing. Natalie has worked globally as consultant on digital products in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. She holds a BA/BSc majoring in computer science from the University of Melbourne and is currently completing her MBA at New York University.