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Join us Monday, March 30 at 11am ET



We're hosting a discussion featuring Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond (@jhammond). Jeffrey will answer questions and share insights based on the Forrester Consulting study commissioned by ThoughtWorks entitled “Drive Innovation with the Right Skills: The Value of Custom Software Development”.

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Some of the questions addressed during the Tweet Jam will include:

  • What are the challenges and benefits of using third-party providers for custom application development?

  • How are new technologies like mobile, and cloud impacting how firms select and work with third-party providers?

  • Customers’ digital habits keep shifting. How is that affecting custom software development?

  • Why are a majority of companies not satisfied with the performance of external service providers?

  • How are shifts in development processes and programming languages affecting the skills mix teams need?

To participate, join the TWUBS page twubs.com/MasterTheMix or follow #MasterTheMix.

We look forward to tweeting with you!

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