Software Ownership Transfer

Evolving Knowledge Transfer for The Agile World

In his book, Software Ownership Transfer, Vinod Sankaranarayanan presents a holistic approach to executing software transitions with minimum risk and maximum efficiency using large­-scale case studies.

As a service provider or an enterprise, you'll be able to plan for systematic transfers that address the entire scope of issues. You’ll learn innovative activities that maximize value by bringing multiple organizations and cultures together instead of driving them apart.

You will move from mere knowledge transfer to truly ‘taking ownership’.


Vinod Sankaranarayanan

Vinod Sankaranarayanan is a Project Management Consultant at ThoughtWorks and the author of the book Software Ownership Transfer. He works with organizations across business categories to prioritize and deliver complex business critical initiatives within confined scope and cost. A core component of his responsibility involves acquiring context from the incumbent during execution and handing back to the client organisation at the end of the project. Vinod is based in Bangalore where he has worked since the pre­-agile era.

Inside the book

  1. Ownership demands investment and empowerment unlike Knowledge which is defined by experience and expertise
  2. Breaks myths and challenges conventional approaches to knowledge transfer
  3. The first agile guide to knowledge transfer
  4. Visualizations of changing delivery and maintenance structures and processes during knowledge transfers
  5. Quantifying true costs of software transfers
  6. Principles of managing ‘soft’ cultural issues that will require constant leadership attention
  7. Cross­-functional team building and strategies to acquire buy-­ins from stakeholders and influencers
  8. Integrating learnings into a repeatable set of resilient transfer processes to new teams or service providers

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I particularly like his distinction between knowledge transfer and ownership… Knowledge transfer is only the first step in ownership transfer.

If you are contemplating the transfer of an application system… then you need to use this book as a model for making your transfer a success.

— Jim Highsmith