presenting vol.20 our latest

ThoughtWorks Tech Radar

21st May, Manchester

Adopt, trial, assess or hold? Get ahead of the latest tech trends 

Tuesday 21st May - 6:30pm onwards for a 7pm start
Federation House, Manchester M4 4BF

Join us on Tuesday 21st May - we’d like to invite you to join Ian Cartwright, member of our Doppler group and Aliki Yiannakou, Software Developer for a presentation and discussion on our latest Tech Radar.

Tech Radar is your free (opinionated) guide to the latest techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks. We build it, research it, test it, open source it, write about it, and constantly aim to improve it—for everyone.

The Radar is created by our Doppler group, a diverse mix of senior technology leaders from all over the ThoughtWorks' world. They meet regularly to discuss the technology strategy for ThoughtWorks and the technology trends that impact our industry.

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Ian Cartwright

Technical Principal, ThoughtWorks
Ian has provided technical oversight for client projects across multiple sectors, ensuring ThoughtWorks applies innovative solutions in the most effective manner. His particular interests are focused around helping clients build more manoeuvrable business infrastructure.

As a member of the ThoughtWorks Doppler group, the board that creates the Technology Radar, he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages. Find out more about Ian here.

Aliki Yiannakou

Consultant Software Developer, ThoughtWorks
Aliki is an enthusiastic, pragmatic and problem solving focused software developer consultant. She has worked across a number of public sector organisations. She has been involved in projects developing and supporting microservices and platforms using different tech stacks. She has been part of teams working on enabling clients to adopt agile methodologies. Aliki believes in the importance of cross-functional and autonomous teams with direct feedback from users. Find out more about Aliki here.