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April 15, 2015,
6:00 p.m. onwards

We are happy to invite you to the first edition of vodQA on April 15, 2015 at the ThoughtWorks Singapore office.

vodQA (Value Oriented Discussion for Quality Analysts), a forum where testing enthusiasts get together, network and collaborate on the latest developments in the world of software testing. So far, we have successfully hosted more than 20 editions of vodQA across all ThoughtWorks India offices. And now, the most successful testing un-conference is making its debut in Singapore.

A Brief introduction to Web Security !!

The workshop would be a hands-on workshop on Web application security. So bring your laptops along.

We start with a very old attack in the book - SQL injection. The reason for choosing this attack is because this is one of the most disastrous attack if found. The attack proves that evil input from users can be highly dangerous. Thus the workshop aims to provide you an insight into Web application security. In this session we will venture deeper into the interesting world of SQL injection.

We will start with a little theory, then put our hands together to challenge our skills on a test application!

About the Speaker:

Prasanna Kanagasabai has been an Application Pentester for close to 10 years. Speaker @ nullcon-Delhi, Clubhack, IIT Guwahati and various  null meetups. Enjoy solving new challenges. Creator of IronSAP a module over IronWASP. Present interest is in Reverse Engineering, Fuzzing and UAF bugs discovery.

ThoughtWorks Pte. Ltd.
87B Amoy Street, Level 3
Singapore 069906

*Limited seats -  Confirmation of attendance will be sent by separate email shortly.

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An exclusive interactive workshop for testers in Singapore!