2016 ABI Top Company for Women Technologists

ThoughtWorks is the 2016 Winner of the Anita Borg Institute's Top Companies for Women Technologists


We are humbled and honored to be recognized as a great place for women technologists to work and thrive. Today we celebrate how far we've come and all of the amazing women we have working with us.

We’ve worked with many, many organizations to learn how to make ThoughtWorks, and technology, a more welcoming place for women. What we know for sure is that there’s much more we can and should do, and that we can’t do it alone.

Interested in joining us?

If you are curious, tenacious, creative. If you are thirsty for knowledge and generous with what you learn. If you want to be a part of a community where you can be yourself and around people who share a passion for changing lives using software.

You are welcome here.

ThoughtWorks is a global technology consultancy - we bring great ideas to life, in weeks, not years.

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We invite you to join our community, to share and learn with us. Take part in debates, be inspired and inspire with amazing stories and be kept up to date on events around the world. How can we make tech a better, more welcoming place for women, for everyone? Have your say.

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